Qurator Studio is the pioneering fashion styling studio in the Philippines with clients ranging from celebrities, multinational companies, brands, designers, and private individuals. Established in 2014, Qurator Studio was named Stylist of the Year in 2015 while our top stylists have also been awarded accolades on their creative contributions to the local fashion industry.

Founder Pam Quiñones was the former editor-in-chief of the Manila edition of L’Officiel Magazine and has been an esteemed fashion stylist and editor since 2004. Together with head stylists Maita Baello and Melville Sy, Pam has transitioned Qurator Studio from a small styling team to a full-fledged stylist incubator and artist management agency.

Qurator Studio nurtures the next-generation stylists through a three-year incubation program that focuses on intensive on-the-job training shadowing head stylists. The program provides stylists a platform to nurture their skills and develop a strong foothold in the industry as artists in their own right, while concurrently represented by the studio. With a current roster of three Senior Stylists, three Junior Stylists, two Style Associates, one Styling Assistant, and one Creative Director, Qurator Studio continues to grow as a full-service creative and commercial styling studio.

The Stylists
Pam Quinones
Senior Stylist  |  Founder

Armed with a handful of diplomas from various fashion institutions around the globe and a master’s degree from Istituto Marangoni, Pam Quiñones is the founder and one of the senior stylists of Qurator Studio. Her strong editorial background as fashion editor provided a new perspective to advertising and celebrity styling in the early 2000’s. Her styling philosophy is always a balance of masculine and feminine, form and function, with an undertone of sex, and is most apparent in the numerous covers she’s styled for Rogue Magazine. In 2014, she established Qurator Studio as an incubator and artist representation agency for promising young stylists as she serves as their mentor and the studio’s creative director.

Maita Baello
Senior Stylist

With almost a decade of experience in celebrity, commercial and fashion styling, Maita Baello has made a mark for creating polished looks that remain timeless. Her styling philosophy is “always put together and chic,” a season-less, refined aesthetic inspired by Chanel, the designer and label, of which Maita has a vast knowledge of. Growing up, she frequented her mom’s and aunt’s fashion magazines as a source of inspiration and somehow knew that she will one day work in the industry. Trained by Pam Quiñones as one of the first-wave stylists to come out of Team Pam Q, Maita has top projects under her belt and is one of the most respected stylists of her generation. Her stint at Central Saint Martins refined her styling and furthered her knowledge of fashion. She has also developed a discerning eye on “what’s next”, and continues to explore and soak up fashion and culture trends here and abroad.

Celebrities she styles: Judy Ann Santos, Marian Rivera, Bea Alonzo, Sharon Cuneta, Alden Richards, Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico, Anne Curtis, Jasmine Curtis, Julie Ann San Jose, Kyline Alcantara, Cristine Reyes, and Iza Calzado

Melville Sy
Senior Stylist

Melville Sy has a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising and has worked for fashion brands before dabbling into fashion styling. His technical design know-how informs his fashion styling in which he’s mastered silhouettes that work for different body types. Like Maita, he was also trained by Pam Quiñones, and has since paved a path for himself as the go-to stylist for clean, highly flattering custom-fit celebrity looks. Mel always punctuates his looks with statement heels, which explains his growing collection of limited-edition designer shoes. He’s known to have the pulse on the season’s most coveted pieces and shares his time between celebrity styling and exclusive personal shopping for private individuals.

Celebrities he styles: Marian Rivera, Alden Richards, Judy Ann Santos, Janine Gutierrez, Ding Dong Dantes, Julie San Jose, Kyline Alcantara, Bea Alonzo, Iza Calzado, Sharon Cuneta, Solenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis, Jasmine Curtis, and Ruffa Gutierrez

Shark Tanael
Junior Stylist

As she sought to become a fashion designer, Shark Tanael apprenticed at Qurator Studio, where she discovered her passion for creating looks and images from a mere idea, while on her first year as Fashion Design and Marketing student at School of Fashion and the Arts. At 19, she interned for head stylists Maita Baello and Melville Sy and eventually became a Style Associate at Qurator Studio all while still at school. Her dedication for fashion and celebrity styling is unparalleled making her the front liner of Qurator’s next-generation stylists. Currently on her second year as Junior Stylist, she has moved out of her mentors’ shadows and headed projects that showcase a delicate balance between commercial with editorial styling. Her youthful take on celebrity styling is a breath of fresh air that is utterly contemporary, refined, and polished.

Celebrities she styles: Kyline Alcantara, Marian Rivera, Zia Dantes, Judy Ann Santos, Sharon Cuneta, Anne Curtis, Ryan Agoncillo, Alden Richards, Bea Alonzo, Janine Gutierrez, Jasmine Curtis, Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico, Atasha Muhlach, Pia Wurtzbach, Sarah Lahbati, Kate Valdez, Julie Ann San Jose, Sanya Lopez, Barbie Forteza, Heaven Peralejo, Mikee Quintos, and Phoemela Baranda

Leanne Ledesma
Junior Stylist

After 10 stable years in banking, Leanne Ledesma jumped the gun, apprenticed at Qurator Studio, and quit her job. Always been curious about the fashion industry, she saw it as a space bursting with energy, where people are free to express their style and creativity. Armed with a strong corporate skill set, Lee is a good leader, communicator, and learner, always exploring and enhancing her styling as her ideas come to life. She balances the creative with the commercial side of styling by adhering to a versatile point of view that ranges from classic to contemporary. As a true Gemini, Lee adjusts to changes pretty quickly and thrives. She gravitates toward looks that exhibit a measured mix of soft, edgy, bold, and sharp— looks that serve a hint of familiarity yet surprisingly new.

Celebrities she styles: Anne Curtis, Pia Wurtzbach, Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach, Judy Ann Santos, Cristine Reyes, and Sam Concepcion

Alex Castillo
Junior Stylist

A back-to-back Preview Magazine Emerging Talent award for her 2016 fashion design graduate collection and a Metrowear group showcase highlighting a few of her designs speak volume of Alex Castillo’s creative talent. As a trained fashion designer from School of Fashion and the Arts, she has a sharp editorial eye that lends itself to the cutting-edge looks she exhibits in fashion styling. She hones her celebrity styling by effectively styling for body types while continuously editing looks that fit their personality. Her love for film and music highly influences her styling direction that comfortably sits between experimental and structural.

Celebrities she styles: Julie Anne San Jose, Kiana Valenciano, Kyline Alcantara, Marian Rivera, Judy Ann Santos, Solenn Heussaff, and Iza Calzado

Mac Intia
Style Associate

Mac Intia’s fascination with lines, structures, and composition goes back to his Structural Engineering background. After six years working as an engineer, he decided to follow his passion in menswear fashion and took up Fashion Styling at School of Fashion and the Arts which then led him to an internship spot at Qurator Studio. On his second year as Style Associate, Mac furthers his fashion education by constantly exploring new ideas and coming up with sharp menswear looks. His styling proposition always looks contemporary with a deliberate nod to vintage fashion. He values practicality as a key element in his work and aims to create looks that balance fashion with function.

Celebrities he styles: Alden Richards, Pia Wurtzbach, Mikael Daez, Dong Dantes, Janine Gutierrez, Judy Ann Santos, Sharon Cuneta, and Mikee Quintos

Carl Pabilona
Style Associate

As Qurator Studio’s newest Style Associate Carl Pabilona brings fresh flair to the team. His 10 years of corporate experience coupled with Spanish language proficiency make him equally a good leader and team player. He apprenticed at Qurator Studio for a full year while maintaining a day job when one day he bit the bullet and made a decision to focus on styling. Since then he’s been going full throttle shadowing all of Qurator Studio’s Senior Stylists while managing a few projects on his own. His penchant for the “oversized” aesthetic is reflective of his eye for current street fashion.

Celebrities he styles: Bea Alonzo, Iñigo Pascual, Cherie Gil, Alden Richards, Judy Ann Santos, Pia Wurtzbach, Kyline Alcantara, Julie Anne San Jise, Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach, Marian Rivera, Kiana Valenciano, Anne Curtis, and Ruffa Gutierrez.

Claire Fernando
Styling Assistant

As the newest addition to the styling team, Claire Fernando assists for and trains under all the stylists. She has an inspiring passion to explore and experience all facets of styling. Highly efficient, she’s already shadowed our head stylists for a number of major projects in less than 6 months. Her Fine Arts with Advertising degree will play a key role as she grows into her styling.

The HQ
Razel Rosco
Studio Director

As one of the senior members of Qurator Studio, Razel Rosco is Studio Director extraordinaire. She manages everything that happens inside and outside the studio from schedule management and client liaisons to administration and finance. She builds the net that supports and connects all the moving parts of the company. Hardworking, loyal, and highly efficient, Razel has worked directly under Pam Quiñones since 2014.

Mizpah Bonifacio
Executive Assistant

Miz Bonifacio is one of the newest members of Qurator Studio. Armed with an accounting degree, she is a valuable addition to HQ as key assistant to the Studio Director.