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Anne Curtis for Pantene (TVC)

BEHIND THE SCENES by Leanne Ledesma

As a Junior stylist, I had the luck of working with a team of great artists and amazing talents for Anne Curtis’s latest Pantene commercial. For the glam team, we had the amazing Ting Duque for the makeup, who’s known for her take on natural, dewy makeup, and the legendary french hairstylist Gregory Kaoua who’s worked on the Pantene ads of Selena Gomez and Priyanka Chopra.

” I’d be running out of adjectives to say about how amazing Gregory does his work but one thing is for sure, the styling technique was impeccable. “


In the case where several scenes are supposed to be shot, the hairstyle looked flawless and strongly fixed. And each hairstyle was covetable and complemented Anne’s very dynamic personality. She’s the perfect fit! Her humor, style and charming personality transcends demographic which makes her not only versatile but also a very effective endorser.

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In terms of fashion styling, the team (together with senior stylists Melville Sy and Pam Quiñones) went for an ultra sophisticated white suit and trousers set that had a relaxed vibe. A single breasted jacket that isn’t too oversized and isn’t too fitted, a crop top, and wide leg pants.

Crisp, Stylish and Modern — Just the embodiment of effortless chic!



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