Music Festival Outfits That Make us Want to go to Coachella Right Now

Music Festival Outfits That Make us Want to go to Coachella Right Now

By Maita Baello

With the Coachella Music Festival happening in Palm Springs this weekend, my news feeds were filled with dozens of celebrities arriving in their best desert ready outfits. The fashion game is so strong, it almost looks composed and studied — something I believe that was brought by the wave of celebrity patrons attending these events.

There are many ways to stand out during a music festival, but there are just some personalities that are a cut above. It’s not the clothing or the accessories per se, but more of their authentic style and cool attitude.

I asked the team and here we look back at some of our most desired music festival outfits.

Enter, Kate Moss, Circa 2005 at the Glastonbury Festival, London. Kate the great always arrives no less of a rock star. Her devil may care attitude and genuine love for music, makes her a true blue festival style queen.



Kate Bosworth


Kate Bosworth has always been a regular on the Coachella Bandwagon, bringing with her a completely enviable look. She gets the details right, from her perfectly styled hair to flawless beauty looks, it just always hits the spot.


Alexa Chung



Ever-effortless Alexa Chung is always in the music festival scene wearing looks ranging from your everyday casual cool to a very timeless Jane Birkin-esque presence.

Solange Knowles


This soulful siren always brings with her a vibrant aura. A breath of fresh air, Solange dances around in colorful and quirky prints.

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