A guide to summer dressing: A fashion Q&A with Maita Baello.

A guide to summer dressing: A fashion Q&A with Maita Baello.
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Now that summer is fully upon us, there are many reasons to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s a family outing, a wedding in Tagaytay, or the everyday 9-to-5 in the city, summer is always a great time to break out those dresses and show off a little bit of your tan. But how can you stay stylish in this heat? Despite the scorching weather, Filipinas still have a lot of options on how they can get creative for this weather — if you know what to look for.

Read on to see my answers to some of the questions from our readers:


How do you stay fashionable in this weather? It’s too hot to have layers, but sometimes it’s not appropriate to have too little clothing on. Help!

You can definitely stay fashionable no matter the weather! Pick tops with nice and breezy fabric to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the heat. Stick to light and cool-colored outfits.


For guys, wear a light jacket for work. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors! It’s summer, after all.


What’s your basis for choosing what to wear each day? Especially on days that you feel lazy.

Stick with classic basic pieces that you can easily mix and match. It’s helpful to have a classic shirt or dark blue jeans that you can pair with a cute bag or shoes so your outfit doesn’t look too plain. I also suggest preparing your clothes at night to save you time in the morning. Try to pick a key piece you want to wear and work your way around it.


I’m attending weddings and baptisms this summer. What should I wear?

The first thing I consider when attending a baptism or wedding is to make sure my outfit is church appropriate. This means not showing too much skin (cleavage, backless, not too short). Check the invitation if there’s a theme. If none, wear a feminine dress or separates. Remember, you’re a guest so don’t wear anything too loud or distracting.

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