6 style and beauty lessons we learned from mom

6 style and beauty lessons we learned from mom
1Photo : Demi Moore by Ellen von Unworth, 1996

By Cath Sobrevega

Smocked dresses, bows and laced socks under white Mary Jane’s—elements of our very first fashion moments put together by none other than… mom. Our mothers were our very own stylists, and no matter how much we hated looking like cupcakes growing up, we can’t deny her influence in our personal style.

One way or another, mom had an impact on how we approach fashion. Those closet staples, habits of grabbing your plain white shirt when you’re in a rush and always making sure you have sunscreen on. Yes, we can’t deny it; we got that from our mama.


  1. Comfort means confidence.

Don’t you just find it weird when mom knows something isn’t right with our outfit? Adjusting straps, pulling down your skirt, you don’t seem to be yourself. We can never hide it because it’s true and and it shows. We can’t be completely confident if we’re worried about our jeans being too tight. When we’re comfortable with what we’re wearing, we can move freely and our best self shines.

  1. Stick to the classics.

Mom would always tell us how foolproof the little black dress is. Or how we should have all types of white shirts, and the penny loafer being a shoe staple. “You can wear that for years”—I can hear her voice right now. Well mom, you’re right. On days when trends just don’t work, we find ourselves sticking to these classic pieces.

  1. Always dress for the occasion

She trained us to always be appropriately dressed for Sunday mass and lunch at lola’s place, our first soirée, for some of us even the prom. She’s always given us good, unfailing advice. So now, when in doubt we just go for it. Better to be overdressed, she would say.

  1. Your hair is your crowning glory.

How often have we heard this phrase? Mom has uttered them at some point. Our first salon buddies, our mothers always made sure we had our regular trim and treatment. Healthy hair is everything, we knew that early on.

  1. Skin first, makeup later.

No make-up make-up? Mom rocked that everyday. She’s always emphasized how it important it is to take care of my skin. Not just the face, but also the whole body as well. Reminding me to always moisturize and protect. Oh, and never to pick scratches, those legs should be pristine, dahling!

  1. To top it all off – don’t forget the right bling.

Oh, my mom and her jewelry. An outfit would never be complete without some shine. Diamonds and pearls. Need I say more?


Not only did they give us some TLC, they made sure we looked damn good too. Thanks, mom. To the most important women of our lives, Happy Mother’s Day!



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