You know you’re well on your way to becoming a Tita of Manila when…

You know you’re well on your way to becoming a Tita of Manila when…

We have to admit; the Internet plays a big part in today’s society, from easily updating ourselves with the latest news or knowing what trends to buy into next. But for some, we like sticking to old classics that come as both timeless and well – more on the convenient side.

As one aspiring Tita of Manila, a term of endearment that many of us have seen on social media and have heard through our friends, I felt it would be interesting to list down a couple of items that one must own to confirm one’s Tita status – While keeping it sassy of course.

  1. Loyalty Cards – Because you never really know when you will need this. At some point we will all be doing our own shopping. From groceries to gas stations, why not get an early start in collecting.01 - QTR-01
  2. Skincare – We all have different skin types, and finding the perfect set of products for your skin is almost like finding the one. With all the brands available today, sometimes you’re lucky to have found the product that will take care of your skin for the long haul (aka Anti-aging ) and sometimes, you go through the wrong ones that land you in the occasional break-out (nothing a trip to the Dermatologist can’t fix).

02 - QTR-01

  1. That one bag – Preferably leather, and sizeable enough to place all your belongings and more inside. Of good quality, with style that is noticeable and easy at the same time. Also, the bag may or may not have a small bottle of sanitizer hanging from its handle, in case of unsanitary moments.

Givenchy Antigona-01

  1. Slip-ons / Slippers – We go back to making a statement but at the same time easy to wear. In fact, one of the more popular trends today, the slip-on has made a come back in full force giving us more choices than ever in making sure that whatever it is we choose, lame is the last thing it will be and comfortable enough for it to be your next everyday shoe.


  1. A Crisp White Shirt– One item on numerous lists of things everyone needs to own. We can’t say otherwise a perfect Crisp White Shirt is one that is both Chic when worn in any way and easy to match.

White Shirt Classic


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