Maita Baello


Senior Stylist

With almost a decade of experience in celebrity, commercial and fashion styling, Maita Baello has made a mark for creating polished looks that remain timeless. Her styling philosophy is “always put together and chic,” a season-less, refined aesthetic inspired by Chanel, the designer and label, of which Maita has a vast knowledge of. Growing up, she frequented her mom’s and aunt’s fashion magazines as a source of inspiration and somehow knew that she will one day work in the industry. Trained by Pam Quiñones as one of the first-wave stylists to come out of Team Pam Q, Maita has top projects under her belt and is one of the most respected stylists of her generation. Her stint at Central Saint Martins refined her styling and furthered her knowledge of fashion. She has also developed a discerning eye on “what’s next”, and continues to explore and soak up fashion and culture trends here and abroad.